The New Tech That Will Turn Your Smartphone into A Genius

Imagine if you could call any phone or device at anytime anywhere in the world – even if you had no load and you weren’t sure if they had internet access. This has long felt like a pipe dream even in the digital age because cross-platform and cross-network connectivity has just been too hard to crack with tech limits and brand sensitivities.
But this year, SPVTop International, Inc. is bringing just that into reality with their G-Webphone. The new tech is pushing interconnectivity to the next level, and you don’t need to buy a new phone to get it either. Your smartphone is about to get that much better.

The Future of Calls

At this day, the nature of phone calls has changed drastically from before. Video calls and the internet dominate the field especially for overseas family members, but limitations still lie with chat apps that require both parties to be online and mobile networks that charge more if you call a foreign number or a sim from an opposing telco provider.

The G-Webphone app dismisses all of those problems. Simply make sure that whoever you are calling has their device on you can reach out to your friends, co-workers, and family just like that – even if they don’t have the app open. While the caller will use mobile data or WiFi to access the app, the recipient does not need to be online or even on a smartphone. The app can also be installed on a tablet or even on your desktop.

To top all of it off, using the app doesn’t require you to use any load. So not only is calling more convenient, but an awesome money-saver! What powers the app, you may wonder? The app introduces a system call G-coins which connects to SPVTop’s greater network – the G-cosystem. In that, you can see their vast line of ‘Genius-products’ that range from energy and technology to agriculture and mind development.

“We wanted to create a product that not only catered to the public’s needs but also went beyond what we already have on the market,” said [SPVTop representative]. “We hope that this innovation not only makes the industry work harder but also makes connecting with the people we care about easier for Filipinos all over the world.”

Right now, the full G-Webphone interface is functional for android devices but the iOs and desktop releases are already coming in November. For more information, visit G-Webphone Website.

One thought on “The New Tech That Will Turn Your Smartphone into A Genius

  1. Alex Algarme, Sr., Gwebphone USA says:

    This is truly a miles stone in the communication history invented by the Filipino genius.. Am really amazed .. but no wonder as Fil-Am, I’m so proud of our Filipino genius..

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